• Recruiting License No.: 917/067/068

Recruitment Procedure

We have adopted the international practices and procedures that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market; thereby offering the best employee recruitment. We provide our client companies with not only a set of candidates, but also discussion on best-fit market availability, comparative benchmarking and a comfort knowing. Our online recruitment solutions are the best in the market today.

We go through the following recruiting procedures:

Step – 1: Workers Demand from Employer
After receiving all the original legal documents as mentioned below produced by employer, we will submit to Labor Department of Nepal for the permission of recruitment. Legal documents includes Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Employment Contract, Guarantee Letter and Agency Agreement

Step – 2: Advertisement in Daily Newspaper
After getting approval of workers demand from Labor Department, we advertise it in  national daily newspaper that allows us to start recruitment process.

Step – 3: Selection of Candidates
We maintain an up to date data bank of potential candidates with full information on their skills, education, technical/trade qualification and experience. Our expert teams screen the short-listed candidates by pre-interview. The final interview for sort listed candidates after pre screening can be conducted by the employer or his representative or by us taking oral, written and practical test. The selection is made purely on merit basis giving equal opportunities to all.

Step – 4: Trade/Technical Test
We also undertake practical trade test at the technical training institute. Companies can select he employees directly by an interview and practical test at office. The trade test is taken at Technical Training Institute where our selection committee observes the workers directly to their respective job assessing their competency.

Step – 5: Medical Check-Up
Only selected candidates are sent to an authorized hospital or clinic for full medical examination. The candidates who are fit medically and physically for employment are eligible to sign the employment contract.

Step – 6: Orientation
After receiving employment visa and job offer letter, the orientation briefing is organized to make all workers fully aware of the employment company, country’s law and orders labor laws, immigration policy and maintaining understanding and cordial relation between employer and employee. The orientation takes special care in briefing them to strictly abide by the guidelines in the field of their employment and direct them to maintain good working relationships and motivates them to do their duties /responsibilities in professional manner.

Step – 7: Traveling Arrangement
In all case, we send all the visa endorsements, passports to the concerned airlines to confirm the scheduled flight from Nepal to the nearest airport of the working country. PTA may be send to any airlines updating from Kathmandu under intimation to us.

Step – 8: Deployment
Before their departure, we make them the affidavit to be signed between the worker and the recruitment agency. This also includes handling over all the documents (original passport, air ticket, and orientation certificate along with an orientation book) to the employee.

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