• Recruiting License No.: 917/067/068

Our Responsibilities

We are committed to build outstanding management teams for our clients to compete in the global market. We provide the perfect match and solutions for the human resource needs of our clients through long-term client relationships built on experience, insight and teamwork.

We commit the following responsibilities towards our valued clients;

Aakriti Recruitment Pvt Ltd. will act as authorized agent and will carry out the following activities in Nepal on behalf of the employer.

  • Represent as authorized recruiting agent at the Ministry of Labor and other relevant department of the Government of Nepal and obtain necessary approval for the purpose of recruitment permission.
  • Advertise in leading newspaper and any other media to obtain response from the seekers with requisite qualifications for final selection.
  • Arrange interviews/trade test to the candidates through well-qualified technical and administrative expert from the government-recognized institution containing complete trade test facilities
  • Arranging double the number of candidates required for interview/skill/attitude test by the client or his representative. This provides wider selection choice to our client (To arrange interviews, we need about 12 days advance notice from our clients)
  • Procure the entire relevant document i.e. Bio-data, passport, medical report, police clearance certificates, no objection certificate etc.
  • Arrange medical examination of the selected candidates through the authorized doctors and government recognized medical institutions.
  • Full orientation and briefing to be conducted before the departure of the workers. This covers briefing about the Employer Company, work culture, geographical features and special customs of the host countries. The aim is that a worker should be able to become a useful member of the team from the very first day of his arrival.
  • Ensure air passage booking for the selected workers and arrange for their departure for joining service. A prior intimation by telex/fax/email will be sent to the employers well in advance to enable them to receive them at the respective airport.
  • Carry out all other functions as and when necessary to protect the employers.
  • Arranging hotel reservation on the behalf of clients in Katmandu for the selection team if necessary.
Our Valued